5 things not to say to someone who is addicted

When you find out that someone is addicted, it is important to be careful of the things you say to them. Addicted individuals are very sensitive to words, what you say can determine if they will go in for treatment or not.

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This is one of the reasons why addicts and their loved ones usually experience conflicts because there’s an unhealthy trade of words that is not beneficial to both parties.

Here are some of the things you should not mention to an addict

“It’s your fault”

Many people who are not addicted are in the habit of telling addicts that it’s their fault for getting addicted. It is important to mention that no one wakes up in the morning, and decides that they want to be addicted.

For some people, it was a case of curiosity, others were probably influenced by their peers. Some people who got addicted were maybe looking for a way out of any problem they were facing.

Telling an addict that it’s their fault discourages them from seeking help.

“You’re better than this”

When you tell someone this statement, it might mean that you expected more from them, and they didn’t meet up with the standard you created for them.

Even the smartest or most intelligent people are likely to be addicted, so it’s not really their fault.

“I’m disappointed in you”

If you don’t want to bring an addict crumbling to their needs, avoid saying these words. Instead of saying this word, you can acknowledge that you’re hurt, but you remain confident that they will pull through.

“I don’t associate with addicts”

Addicts don’t really associate with other people because of the stigmatization that comes with their disorder. When you tell an addict this statement, it means you are trying to remove them from your life.

“Why don’t you get help”

Not every addict has the courage to seek help. Hence, instead of quizzing them as to why they didn’t get help, encourage them to visit an addiction treatment center.

When dealing with addicts, remember to use caring and soothing words that will make them feel better. Using the words mentioned in this post can do more harm than good.

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