Signs that someone is addicted

Addiction is divided into two major types namely substance addiction and behavioral addiction.

Substance addiction is when an individual is hooked on drugs and alcohol. While behavioral addiction occurs when an individual is addicted to habits like food, sex, shopping, video gaming, and gambling addiction.

When it comes to identifying an addicted person, the signs are usually similar, irrespective of the addiction type.

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Here are some ways to know if someone is addicted or not.


It is normal to crave privacy from time to time. However, when it becomes a norm, you can tell that something is wrong. If the person starts to keep to themselves more often without any reason, they might be addicted.

They will prefer staying on their own most time, and they begin to avoid family and friends.

If they manage to go for an occasion, they will keep their distance from familiar people, especially if they are suffering from substance addiction.

Decline in productivity

Another way to know when someone is addicted is when they become less productive. They will find it difficult to meet up with deadlines, and their performance will drop below par.

Some of them might stay late at the office to carry out their addiction.

If the individual is a student, their performance at school might not be up to expectation because they will be more focused on their addiction than academics.

Financial problems

Addicted individuals usually run into financial issues. Some of them have huge debts that they are unable to pay because of their addictive habits.

For instance, those involved in alcohol and drug addiction are more likely to experience money problems than those dealing with a behavioral addiction.

Physical signs/Overall appearance

Spotting the physical signs of addiction applies more to people dealing with substance addiction. You will notice some alterations to their physical appearance, which is beyond normal.  

Some of these physical signs are bloodshot eyes, overweight/underweight, slurred speech frequent itching, lack of personal grooming, etc.

If you identify these signs in yourself or someone you know, it is best to consult an addiction treatment specialist for help. They are great at providing the best treatment for addicts.

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