Images of Despair Caused by Addiction

When an addiction first begins, the addict is not aware of how harmful the addiction will become to their lives. They are in a honeymoon phase with the object of their addiction, and are mindlessly happy to escape into it. However, all addictions lead to the same place of destruction. Whether it is a substance addiction, sex addiction or gambling addiction, it will pull your life out from under you while you it has you in a dream state. It will bring you to places of despair, ruin and hopelessness. Many people have been successful at recovering from addiction and these feelings of despair do not have to last. However, it is important to grasp the pain that addiction causes in order to avoid it, even if it means confronting the faces of severe addicts and seeing yourself in their eyes.

  • addiction desperationDesperation. One of the most notable emotions we see on the faces of addicts is desperation. Even if an addict is being belligerent or defiant, it is still plain to see the desire to change in their eyes, and the frustration of not knowing how. This desperation is very difficult for an addict to voice, or to even come to terms with. It is much easier to think of yourself as someone who lives on the wild side but is still in control than as someone who desperately needs help managing their addiction. But the truth is, there are many addicts who will die if they do not receive help.
  • Hopelessness. One of the the most painful tragedies of addiction is that people can reach a point where they truly believe there is no way out. They believe they are destined to serve their addiction until they die. Some are so ashamed of their perceived failure that they take their own lives. This kind of hopelessness is thick with despair, and can be seen in a person’s eyes who believes they are past help.

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