Images of Appearances Ravaged by Addiction

Addiction is not pretty to look at by any means. I am not referring to the out of control behavior or sticky situations that addicts get themselves into, although those things are unattractive as well. A person’s actual physical appearance changes when they are addicted, particularly to a substance. The more severe and extended the substance abuse is, the worse off the person’s appearance will end up. This is not a vain observation, but rather a general health concern. Permanent damage done to a person’s appearance is always an indication of bodily unhealthiness.

alcoholic imageFor example, we know that alcoholism destroys the liver and can be the cause of many different forms of disease. What is less known is that the bodily destruction that alcoholism causes can be seen on a person’s face as an indication of their failing health. Many alcoholics have a yellowed appearance and unhealthy skin tones. The texture of their skin is becoming visibly leathery, saggy and creased. Their teeth are stained by the repeated consumption of acidic alcohol and they have bags under their bloodshot eyes.

drug addict imageDrug addicts also leave a person with an unflattering physical appearance. Over use of street or prescription drugs has drastic effects on people’s weight, skin and features. Drugs that are depressants tend to pack pounds on people, while stimulants rob people of their weight. Drugs can change the hue of a person’s skin and eyes, dulling them out. There are a number of drugs that can cause sores and abrasions on the skin when used in excess, and drugs like crack cocaine rot the teeth until there is nothing left of them.

smoker imageAnd lastly, smoking has one of the most recognizable deteriorated faces in our society. A smoker’s skin becomes hollow, sunken and gray. Lines appear on their faces and yellowing occurs on their teeth. Their breath usually carries an overwhelming scent of cigarette smoke, and their eyes are sunken and red.

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